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Added to My Website: WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

Originally posted by carabele at Added to My Website: WHAT ARE THE ODDS?
I've added to my website my IMPROMPTU CHALLENGE story from 5/7/15.

WORD COUNT: approx 340 words
SUMMARY: Something a bit fishy perhaps?
TIMELINE: Summer 1972


Added to My Website: EVERY MAN A PATRIOT

Originally posted by carabele at Added to My Website: EVERY MAN A PATRIOT
I've added to my website my HODOWE: Patriots' Day story from 4/18/15.

WORD COUNT: approx 1025 words
SUMMARY: There is patriotism, and then there is patriotism...
TIMELINE: Spring 1966


Added to My Website: NINE EGGS

Originally posted by carabele at Added to My Website: NINE EGGS
I've added to my website my EASTER EGGS 2015 story from 4/3/15.

WORD COUNT: approx 1000 words
SUMMARY: The ultimate prize at this Easter Egg Hunt could be death...
TIMELINE: Spring 1968


re: Slash Zines for sale, a dollar each


Needing to down size so I am opting to sell off my zine collection.
All are original, not copies. Got most from going to conventions like
Media West and Spy Con. I have cross posted this to other MFU sites but
if you can think of another sight please let me know.

Here is the listing for the slash. These will not knowing be sold to minors.

A Matter Of Trust Clotilda Willard this is a pint size zine. Book size vs magazine size

If their mothers only knew issue 1 multi media zine has 5 MFU stories

Comrades issue 1 all pages there but in rough shape back cover missing.
Comrades issue 2 back cover missing good shape

One Night Stand by Robyn Lasalle Good Shape

Geezers by Alexi Tesla good shape spoken for
Confidential File One very good shape

Rose Tint My World issues 1 thru 6 Most are in very good shape.
Issue 2 missing front cover. Issue 4 slight stain on front cover and missing back cover
These were my first slash zines. Very soft slash mostly romantic loving relationship stories. Fabulous art work

Classified Affairs 6 very good shape.

the triple double affair. This is an Asian zine. Kinda anime type it in Japanese but you can
follow the story via the drawings. Some are kinda explicit.

I have others but will post them for sale at a later time

That's it for now. They are 1.00 but the buyer will pay for shipping and handling.
First come first served. If anything interest you and you want further info. I will try to provide.
Contact me at

Thanks so much!

Originally posted by carabele at MFU Writers' Bible now available on MFU Archive!!!
The MFU Writers' Bible is now available on MFU Archive.

Direct Link is:

Or you can find it in the Index under the title MFU Writers' Bible.

Many thanks to Lisa for getting this loaded to her site through direct FTP.

Remember this is a large PDF file, so it can take some time to load. (Didn't take long for me, but really depends on the processor speed of your computer.)

If you prefer not waiting, the link from my website is still valid to do the right-click, save target as, download save.

MFU Writers' Bible

Originally posted by carabele at MFU Writers' Bible
This project, started as part of the 50th Anniversary of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. original series, is finally complete. The idea originating with Linda Cornett, the Bible was the work of many authors and is, of course, in no way comprehensive. But it does provide all in one place a lot of helpful reference material for MFU fanfic writers.

It's in PDF format, so accessible no matter your machine type. However, it is of course large in filesize (about 5 MB), so getting it archived anywhere is a bit tricky. The original intent was to post it to MFU Archive, but as it turns out it's too large to use the standard user upload engine for that. So I have a request in to Lisa regarding providing her the file directly to input on that site.

In the meanwhile I have made the Bible accessible from my own website, though you will need to follow these instructions to get it.

1) Right-click (not double-click) on the following link: MFU Writers Bible
2) Select "save target as..."
3) Choose the local directory on your computer where you want the file saved
4) Click the SAVE button

Once the file is downloaded, you will be able to access it from the saved copy on your machine.

7 Little Affairs - Puzzle 4

7 LITTLE AFFAIRS - Puzzle 4 

The titles of 7 Man from U.N.C.L. E.  episodes have been broken up into two, three, or four letter tiles.
The tiles have been shuffled and laid in a grid.

Your challenge is to re-combine the tiles to find the titles of the Man from U.N.C.L.E episodes in this week’s 7 Little Affairs!

This week, I’ve provided clues to the episode titles in addition to the number of letters in the answers! 

The PuzzleCollapse )


Originally posted by carabele at Added to My Website -- A LESSON IN PROTOCOL
I've added to my website my LIFECYCLE: Knowledge story from 2/28/15.

WORD COUNT: approx 950 words
SUMMARY: A youthful experience grants Napoleon a knowledgeable perspective regarding a touchy bit of protocol.
TIMELINE: Winter 1964


7 Little Affairs - Puzzle 3 - The Villains!

7 LITTLE AFFAIRS - Puzzle 3 
The Villains!

The names of  7 MFU  villains are broken up into two-letter or three-letter chunks, called tiles.
The tiles are shuffled like a deck of cards and laid randomly in a grid.
See if you can unscramble the names of all 7 villains!

The Villains!Collapse )



Man from UNCLE Fan Communities

For reference, here's a current list of Man from UNCLE fan communities. Thanks st_crispins for letting me base this on your MFU timeline.

These are communities organized and run by fans, not official WB pages for the series or the film. They are MFU only and don't include actors' communities or umbrella groups for TV spies, etc.

The descriptions of the LJ communities are taken from their profile pages. They're listed, where possible, in order of date started. I'll try to keep the list current; if there's anything I missed or that needs to be corrected, just leave a comment. If there's been no activity in a community for over a year, it's not listed.


TUMBLRCollapse )


FACEBOOKCollapse )

7 Little Affairs - Puzzle 2


This  is a take-off of the on-line word game ‘7 Little Words’.

The titles of  7 MFU episodes are broken up into two-letter or three-letter chunks, called tiles.
The words ‘The’ and ‘Affair’ are excluded.

The tiles are shuffled, like a deck of cards and laid out in in a grid.
A row on the grid does not correspond to an episode title - the tiles for all 7 episodes are scatterd thoughout the grid.
As a clue, the number of letters in the episode title (excluding 'The' and 'Affair') is provided.

Example: The Waverly Ring Affair -  WAVERLYRING has 11 letters, broken into five tiles: NG   VE   YRI   WA   RL  
For another example, take a look at the answers to last week's puzzle!

Now, try your hand at finding not one, but 7 Little Affairs! Have fun!
Next week:  7 Little Affairs - The Villains!

7 Little AffairsCollapse )


The Yellowstone Affair Chapter 17

A twilight awareness. Noises sounding as if they were produced in an echo chamber then cast out through a cotton swathed fog. Gunshots. Shouts. Urgent voices ordering, Get these two on board now! Through slitted eyes that refused to open completely, Illya saw shadows of men bending close to him. He tried to turn his head. Where is Napoleon? His body, now weightless, floated! His eyelids surrendered, closing as he succumbed to the blackness again.

Read more...Collapse )

Puzzle Time: 7 Little Affairs

This  is a blatant rip-off of the word game ‘7 Little Words’.

Instead of 7 Little Words, the solutions are titles of 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.'  episodes!
The words ‘The’ and ‘Affair’ are not included in the answers.

Example:  11 letters - The letter clues   NG   VE   YRI   WA   RL  combine for WAVERLYRING.

Now, try your hand at finding not one, but 7 Little Affairs! Have fun!



The Yellowstone Affair Chapter 16

This chapter is dedicated to the memory of Svetlanacat who always had an encouraging word. The MFU fandom won't be the same without her.

“Illya! Lookout, he’s got a gun!”

Instantly, Illya woke automatically grabbing for his pistol. However even in the pitch black of the tent he could tell that no one was trying to enter. He turned to Napoleon who in a highly agitated state was staring wide-eyed at the front of the tent.

The Russian gently pushed his friend down into the sleeping bag. “Easy Napoleon, no one is there.” This was the third time that his partner had awakened him because of hallucinations.

Read more...Collapse )

In loving remembrance of Svetlanacat4

Come to the Scrapbook or Canteen today and help us celebration the life of a friend with a story about Svetlanacat or a photo, icon, manip, story, chibi, whatever you might want to share with the rest of us and post away.

Let's celebrate the spirit and all the joy she brought to our world.

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Note they've posed Henry similar to the U.N.C.L.E. icon and used U.N.C.L.E. colors ---yellow and black.

Movie trailer premieres Wednesday!

Hey guys I just read on that The Man from U.N.C.L.E. movie trailer will premiere online at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST on Wednesday.



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