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Get Ready!

This post will stay on top of network_command for easy reference.  To find out more about each event, click, and you'll find a faq
(faqs being added as the events are organized)

The MFU 50 Mini Bang via mfu50bang
The Round Robin via mfuwss
The Mood-y Anniversary Challenge via section7mfu
Drabblicious Challenge via mfu_100
Icon Extravaganza via mfu_icons
50 Days of MFU via mfu_scrapbook
50 at Pic Fic (gen)  via  section7mfu

Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom
The Writer's Bible  (site tba)

Fun and Games
Community Re-watch via mfu_canteen
The Hardest Ever MFU Trivia Challenge (site tba)

Mark your Calendars!

June 7                                      The Round Robin starts on mfuwss
August 3                                   50 Days of MFU (pics) starts
August 18                                  Icon Extravaganza starts
August 25:                                 Drabbling Fun  I
September 1:                             Drabbling Fun  II
September 8:                             Drabbling Fun III
September 13 - 20:                    Mood-y Challenge Story postings
September 15:                           Drabbling Fun  IV
September 16:                           50 at Pic Fic posting
September 18:                           The MFU Trivia Challenge
September 20:                           Community Re-watch (time tba)
September 21:                           Community Re-watch (time tba)
September 22:                           The Writer's Bible unveiled
                                                   Finale of the Round Robin
                                                   Drabbling Fun V
                                                   PARTY TIME!!
September 23:                            Mini Bang posting starts (appr. 3 week period)

Please note some of these dates are still tentative, we'll update the schedule as events and dates are finalized. If you have an idea for a 50th Anniversary event you'd like to organize, let me know via message or in the comments below and I'll add it to the schedule.

The fantastic 50th Anniversary banner and icon are from a generous anonymous donor. If you'd like to use them to promote the Anniversary, please do so, they're a present for all of us.

MOOD-Y MFU50: ...the Mother of Invention

: elmey and eilidhsd
STORY NAME: ...the Mother of Invention
GENRE: errm, pomes? of a sort.
WARNINGS: see "genre"

It's the MFU50 Re-Watch Trivia Quiz!


Happy 50th Anniversary to The Man from U.N.C.L.E.!


Enjoy the MFU50 Re-Watch Event September 20 - 21!

Add to the excitement with The MFU50 Re-Watch Trivia Quiz!
The Quiz is just for fun!
Hunt for the answers together while watching the episodes!

The answers will be posted on Monday, September 22!

Season One – The Terbuf Affair
Turbuf title
Terbuf QuizCollapse )

Season Two – The Foxes and Hounds Affair
Foxes and Hounds title
Foxes and Hounds QuizCollapse )

Season Three – The Suburbia Affair
Suburbia title
Suburbia QuizCollapse )

Season Four – The Gurnius Affair
Gurnius title
Gurnius QuizCollapse )


Thank You! Thank You!

                    50th mfu PIcFic-2

Thank you to everyone for participating in the Special Edition PicFic for the MFU 50th Anniversary Celebration. The stories were fantastic! I know it wasn't easy, given so many challenges are going on right now. (If for some reason you missed yesterdays deadline to post your story...feel free to post it this week!  We still want to read it!)

Here's the links to those stories in case you missed them...some are 'TBC" so the celebration in essence, continues.

"The Journey's the thing" by Glennagirl:

"The Assumption Parish Affair" by mrua7 :

"The Missing Russian Affair" by JantoJones:

"Terminus" by Avirra:


Quick Research Question

So I'm working on the book chapter about the impact/influence of social media on our MFU community.

So for those of you who remain here on LJ, what's the attraction/value of this site? What makes this site preferable [or not] to our other platforms such as Yahoogroups and Facebook?

Be aware I may quote you and identify you by LJ name.

The MFU50 Trivia Events are coming soon!



September 18th - It's the MFU50 Re-Watch Trivia Quiz!

The quiz will be posted on network_command and mfu_canteen!

There will be ten questions for each of the four episodes in the Community Re-watch on September 20 - 21!
- The Terbuf Affair
- The Foxes and Hounds Affair
- The Suburbia Affair
- The Gurnius Affair 

The Re-Watch Trivia Quiz is just for fun!
Re-Watch participants can hunt together for the answers while they watch the episodes!
The answers will be posted Monday, September 22nd!    

September 22nd -  It's the MFU50 Trivia Contest!

What's the MFU50 Trivia Contest going to be about?
Suburbia 12

To celebrate the Big Day, the  MFU50 Trivia Contest will be posted on network_command on September 22nd!

There will be 50 questions.  Entrants' answers will be screened. The contest will be open until September 30th!

Answers to the MFU50 Trivia Contest will be posted October 1st!

The top three scores will each receive a Fabulous Commemorative MFU 50th Anniversary keyring designed by togsos!

MFU50 keyrings

Winners will be announced on Monday, October 6th!
In case of a tie, the prizes will be awarded based on date/time the answers are received!


  Stories For this Challenge are due tomorrow! Last Call!

Rules of the challenge under the cutCollapse )

prompt # 1:


Prompt # 2:



The Yellowstone Affair Chapter 9

Beginning of story can be found here:

Author’s note: this chapter has some rough language

The long shadows of the late afternoon rapidly merged as one as the sun dipped behind the mountains and the evening light succumbed to darkness. Illya checked his chronometer. 16:40. He decided to wait another half hour before beginning his approach on the cabin. Meanwhile, he used the time to munch on some gorp savoring the sweetness of the dried fruit and chocolate. He finished it with a long drink of water. Checking his demolitions bag and his rifle one more time, the camouflaged agent left his hiding place and began the descent down the hill.

He was able to use the trees as cover for most of the descent, however the last 150 yards or so to the cabin left him out in the open. His only cover was the darkness of the night. He made the decision to work his way around the area so that he would approach from behind the storage shed. The small building would help to block the sight of his approach. He was keenly aware that his tracks in the snow would be visible to the occupants in the cabin if they should venture past the storage shed.

Read more...Collapse )


Genre: GEN
Length: approx 2500 words
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: Mild Language

Posting for the Mood-Y -- MFU:50 Special Anniversary Challenge is now open and will remain open through next Saturday, September 20th.

As previously noted, this special anniversary Mood-Y challenge is open to all genres. Because Section VII is a gen site that does not run with an adult content warning, stories for the Mood-Y: Special Anniversary Edition can be posted to any site on LJ per the author's choice. All entries should then be linked to Section VII and tagged with both the available mood-y and MFU:50 tags on the site.

Please title your post like:
Mood-Y MFU:50 -- Story name

And please use the following setup inside your linked posts:
STORY NAME: (This should include the actual link)
GENRE: (Gen, Slash, Het)
WORD COUNT: (approximation)
RATING: (Everyone, Teen, Adult)
WARNINGS: (Notations such as Strong Language, Non-consensual Sex, Graphic Violence, etc. Also please note here if the story is an AU-Alternate Universe)

Gen stories can be posted directly on Section VII. Suggestions for posting slash stories are to post to MUNCLE or Network Command; suggestions for posting het stories are to post to MFU Map Room or Network Command; suggestions for posting AU of either genre are to post to MFU_AU or Network Command. However, as I already noted above, authors can post their stories anywhere on LJ, including their own blogs (do remember to make the entry public if you do that though). Wherever you post, please remember to link the story back to Section VII.

How INVENTIVE will curious readers find your fanfiction creations?


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The Bomb, uh, I mean Clock is ticking at mfu50bang

Thanks togsos!

The Yellowstone Affair Chapter 8

To begin with chapter 1, go to:

Author’s Note:  This chapter contains some gruesome imagery.

God, I’m cold! Napoleon threw another thick branch onto the fire. He had kept himself awake most of the long night by singing songs, recounting stories of his childhood aloud even though there was no one to hear them, and listing all the women he had dated since being released from the army. That in itself took several hours. It was a long list. Napoleon smiled ruefully. Napoleon, ol’ boy, you gotta get a life. Work and girls have taken over your life. What’s wrong with girls?  he argued with himself.

Read more...Collapse )

The Yellowstone Affair Chapter 7

Chapter 7

To begin reading from the first chapter go to:

Read more...Collapse )

The Yellowstone Affair Chapter 6

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:

Author's Note: Some may not think it is realistic to have a character using only a lean-to made of a nylon tarp in subzero weather. It can be done comfortably if the camper has the right equipment (although I think they're nuts!). My photography teacher has done this. He has traveled solo across Yellowstone several times in the dead of winter. If you get a chance to see it around Christmas time there is a PBS program about him and Yellowstone titled "Silence and Solitude."

Charley Brighton shook hands with his passenger.

“Illya, this is where I leave you. Be careful out there! I know you are experienced with cold weather and storms, but Mother Nature has a wicked streak, young man, and is always looking for someone to make a careless mistake.”

“Thanks, Charlie. I will radio you on the park’s walkie talkie when I’m ready to be picked up.”

Read more...Collapse )

The Yellowstone Affair Chapter 4

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Exhausted, Napoleon eased himself down onto one of the seat cushions. Bringing his cold stiff fingers to his mouth, he breathed on them for warmth then placed them under his armpits while he contemplated his next step for survival. He needed to start a fire that would not only provide a modicum of warmth, but also melt snow for drinking water, cook food, and provide a signal to any planes that might be out searching for the downed jet.

Read more...Collapse )

The Bailadora del Viento Affair - part 2

La Bailadora del Viento Affair - Part 2

Read more...Collapse )

The Bailadora del Viento Affair - part 1

This story was originally posted to Section VII to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the weekly picfic challenges.

It has been about 45 years since I sailed with my father (the photograph is of him at that time) on a boat much like the one described in the story.  I hope I remembered my nautical terms and procedures correctly.

This is posted in two parts to keep LJ happy.
Read more...Collapse )

The Yellowstone Affair Chapter 3

Numbing cold nudged Napoleon into awareness. The right side of his face was numb with cold and he realized that he was lying on his side in a snow bank, his back pressed hard against a large boulder. The inky black of night was interrupted by the orange glow of the dying fire that left little of the jet’s fuselage recognizable.

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