heliocathus (heliocathus) wrote in network_command,

some fanarts!

Hello there Network Command! I'm new to livejournal and relatively new to the muncle fandom! I've recently taken a liking to old tv shows (50s-60s...sometimes 70s) although they were pretty hard to find (as well I was only focused on russian media for a little while...idk why though but they're good!). The new uncle film peaked my interest but when I found out it was based on an old show I was on that train like nobody's business...and then I learnt there was a giant (and ancient) fanbase! Anyway, I have more about myself on my own page but most importantly I like to do art and drawings and animations. And I have made a bit of fanart already and I though I'd might share some with you!!!

here are some sketchbook drawings, I like some of these, not too much all of them though.

some napollya stuff, although I did this before I knew how to draw the characters very well so it's not perfect :/

and yesterday I did this little animation of Illya! I'm so happy with how it turned out!

overall, I really hope to do some more stuff like the animation above, but also static fanart too! I hope you like my cartoony style....oh and if you have any requests, I'll totally try and get them done! anything for an excuse to draw the boys!

I'm mostly active on tumblr and there are some more muncle fanarts on there as well, so if you want, you can check me out there.
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