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The MFU 50 poll had a great turn out. Thank you everyone for voting!

In case you haven't had a chance to check, the top five vote getters are:

1. Fanwork Collections (34)
2. Short Fic Challenges (33)
3. Mini Bang (32)
4. The Writer's Bible (30)
5. The Quote Quiz (30)

And hurrah! four of those events (2 - 5) already have organizers/sponsors. And more good news, there are several other events, very close in vote to these, that are already spoken for too. Information under the cuts.

Important note: Our biggest vote getter, the Fanwork Collection needs an organizer to take it on. I think we all realize it will take some doing to figure out what we can do in this area and how best to do it--we need a plan! Any volunteers? You won't be on your own, but I hope one of us is interested enough in seeing this happen to take charge. Let's discuss it in the comments below. Because you don't really want me to start twisting arms.... ;)

I'm going to go over the three categories in more detail below, all under cuts because there's a lot of info and some of it no doubt tl;dr ;)

New fiction/fanwork eventsCollapse )

Celebrating 50 years of fandomCollapse )

Fun and gamesCollapse )

Don't forget that this isn't meant to be the last word on events. We can add and subtract as we go along--if you have ideas, if you want to organize something, jump in! I'm collating and making posts, but the events depend on all of us.

As far as I'm concerned everything goes, as long as someone has the time and energy to organize it. The one thing we want to be careful about imo, is scheduling--we want each event to have the maximum impact and participation: for example we wouldn't want the Quote Quiz on the same day as the Trivia Quiz etc.

I'm planning to keep a master-list with links to events and dates on a sticky on top of network_command so you can always find the latest info. It might be easier to discuss more detailed logistics just among the oganizers but I welcome any comments and suggestions. Feel free to kibbitz below.

Finally: Branding!! Does anyone have time/inclination to make a Man from Uncle 50th banner? Something we can use to promote all events. Comment below please, or send me a PM. Because frankly, with the talent we have on tap, it would be sad if we had to use something I made :D I have offers, thank you!!

50 = Solid Gold

Being lazy, I've been waiting for someone else to put up this post, but since they haven't... here we go, I'll start the discussion :)

The 50th Anniversary of the first MFU broadcast is less than six month from now, on September 22nd. We should celebrate!

Is there interest in one last big bash before the movie comes out and for better or worse, new canon and new actors change the landscape? We may be a small fandom nowadays, but there's 50 years of good will to draw on -- and maybe some old friends will want to come back to join us. After all guys, 50 years!! How many fandoms can say that?

Let's brainstorm.

Just to get the conversation started, I'll throw out some ideas below; everyone please, toss in more and even better suggestions--give your opinions -- bring your friends, anything goes :D

The Solid Gold AffairCollapse )

Originally posted by glennagirl at Poll Day! Get out your snark and let's go find us some MFU...
Poll #1962304 Who Are These Guys?
This poll is closed.

Napoleon closes in on a woman for the big kiss. What is he thinking?

Just shut up and kiss me
The things I do for my UNCLE (sigh)
Yeah baby, the things I do for my UNCLE

Illya is portrayed as sometimes uninterested in women, sometimes on the prowl. What's really going on?

Looking for that perfect blonde
Trained to be very discriminating
A kiss is not just a kiss to the Russian

If you could win one of them in a foot race, who would it be?

I'll never catch either one of them
Does tackling count?

Poll Day - You Have A Funny Accent

Originally posted by glennagirl at Poll Day - You Have A Funny Accent
Poll #1954403 Your Accent Is Terrible
This poll is closed.

In The Deadly Toys Affair, Napoleon reads a Soviet newspaper that is written in Russian. Is he really reading it?

Yes, Napoleon can read Russian
No, it's just for show

Do Napoleon and Illya ever speak Russian to each other?

Yes, that's how Napoleon learned to read and speak Russian
Yes, it's the reason Waverly paired the two, because Solo speaks Russian
No, Illya is sensitive about his homeland
I can only hope

If Illya could speak only one other language besides Russian, what would it be?


Say, has anyone here seen this episode?

I was looking up a character actor's credits for my weekend post at my Perry Mason blog and randomly saw he was in this episode of Please Don't Eat the Daisies called Say UNCLE. Well, naturally, UNCLE in caps made me think of our show, so I clicked! And I am intrigued. I love when shows cross over!

Sort of technical writing question

I am currently working on my piece for QuoteME: Challenge 5 on Section VII.

Carla Drosten, the head of Section VI (Security and Personnel), who was utilized in the MFU series episode THE WAVERLY RING AFFAIR, is featured in the story. I am putting in a footnote in my story stating the character was introduced in that episode of the series.

Some background for my particular question:
In my story Carla is responsible for my antagonist in the tale being assigned to Napoleon as a temporary assistant. I don't want to spoil the story by giving away too much, but the gist is that under normal conditions this particular employee would not have been assigned to such a position. Now Carla does have a perfectly reasonable personal justification for doing what she does (nothing to do with any possible Thrush connection). However, in THE WAVERLY RING AFFAIR it is ultimately revealed that Carla is connected with Thrush.

My story though takes place in 1963, a few years before the timeline of THE WAVERLY RING AFFAIR. And it did appear in that episode that Carla was vey much a trusted employee of U.N.C.L.E. and had been for some years. So whether her connection with Thrush was of long standing or not is up-in-the-air.

So my actual question:
Do I need to footnote that Carla in THE WAVERLY RING AFFAIR was revealed to have a connection with Thrush? Or leave it completely up to the reader to recall that she did and decide whether 1) what she does in my story has that ulterior motive? or 2) what she does has no motivation other than that she actually states to Illya in the story?

My gut reaction is not to do that footnote, but I did want to get a few opinions.

Season 3 Recommendations?

So I still haven't seen the majority of season 3. Since it's such a generally disliked season, I'm unsure what I'm going to make of it and where to really begin.

I've seen three episodes: The Candidate's Wife Affair, The Come With Me to the Casbah Affair, and the one on the same disc where the lady hears things through the filling in her tooth. LOL. I picked that disc because of Richard Anderson guesting. I love him.

I actually enjoyed all of those episodes, particularly the first and last mentioned, but I've heard that The Candidate's Wife Affair is different and more serious than most of season 3, so I don't imagine it, at least, is a good representation of the season as a whole.

So! I come to my fellow cousins for recommendations. What do you think is the best of season 3? I'll probably see it all eventually, but I'd like to pick and choose my way through it instead of going in order.

Odd Man Affair

In season 1's The Odd Man Affair, are there any shots of Mr. Ecks where you can really see his eyes, such as before or after he has the telescope thingie? Lisa's screencaps only has one of him with the telescope and in the rest of hers he has the sunglasses.

If there are any shots of him where his eyes are visible, would anyone please be willing to take one or two for me? :) I don't have the episode and I kind of like the actor who played him.

Thank you!

Okay, cousins, here's a small episodic problem that I've been puzzling over for the last day or so. In The Odd Man Affair, did the British assassin Mr. Ecks die in Hyde Park or was he just given a sleeping shot? I was sure Napoleon stabbed him with his own knife, and that when he fell over on the bench, the knife was still in his back. Am I pipe-dreaming?

Also, is there any place that has or anyone who has taken screencaps from The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.? I would really like to see a few from The Mata Hari Affair; there's a guest-star in it whom I kind of like.

Thank you!

Poll Day - Is it Canon or Fanon?

Originally posted by glennagirl at Poll Day - Is it Canon or Fanon?
The last Thursday of each month is Poll Day.  Let's talk about canon.

Poll #1899268 Canon or Fanon?
This poll is closed.

How much emphasis do you, as a reader, place on canon?

Quite a lot. It sets the tone for enjoying MFU
I like to see a little of it, just so I know who it is I'm reading about.
A story can stand on its own merit without canon if it is well written.
What's canon?

As a writer, how important is referencing canon when constructing a story?

I rely on canon to reinforce my stories.
I don't think I need canon, but it is useful for establishing certain elements in a story.
I don't care about canon.

Can a story really be MFU if there is not some type of canon element?

Arghhh... why are you asking this?

And on another canon note...

Do you think Medical was grouped under some section in U.N.C.L.E.? Or was it simply just "Medical" and kind of out there on its own aside from the organizational framework?

A canon-related question...

A question with regard to something I need to detail in a current fanfic story I'm writing...

That question: What section would be appropriate for decoding specialists at U.N.C.L.E.?

Section 3: Enforcement and Intelligence?
Section 4: Intelligence and Communications?
Section 5: Communications and Security?

I could see such personnel fitting into any of these sections, but I am kind of leaning toward Section 4.

What say you, cousins?

The supposed new MFU movie...

I think everyone by this time knows I don't think that the supposed new MFU movie will ever be made.

Still, in the interest of equal voice or whatever, I thought it only fair to post this link to a recent article I found which mentions it:

It does seem though that Soderbergh is "delaying" his supposed retirement... again. Personally I do think it's just a method to get folks talking about him and thus his movies, as some of the comments to the article noted.

Anyhow, there was a statement in another article which made it apparent Clooney is not signed to play Solo (at least not yet anyway) even if this movie ever comes to pass.

Frankly I think if it was going to start shooting in February, there would already be more pre-production buzz from official sources. That there isn't says to me it's all still no more than "pie-in-the-sky".

Starz/Anchor Bay News Release

Here's a follow-up on the news I posted yesterday. Jon Heitland, author of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Book: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of a Television Classic, posted this in the Yahoo!Group Channel D today. "Here is the news release I received from Anchor Bay's attorney, Alan Romero, concerning their $7.3 million verdict against Lindsay Dunlap. Romero and his partner Dennis Wilson tried and won the case, along with Bryan Durand of Starz. ."

Read more...Collapse )

Starz/Anchor Bay vs. Lindsay Dunlap

Jon Heitland just posted this in the Channel D Yahoo!Group and thought the news should be spread.

"Just a quick note on the Starz/Anchor Bay vs. Lindsay Dunlap and Ember Entertainment Group trial in Los Angeles. The jury came back with a verdict Friday afternoon, in favor of Starz and against Dunlap, for $7.3 million for fraud damages. I was called as an expert witness on behalf of Starz and testified one half day in the trial. I am at a convention in Chicago but I will post more details when I get home if anyone's interested."

From the replies he's gotten, I'm sure there will be more details in the next few days.

For those of you who don't know what this is referring to I've posted a news item from the website For Your Eyes Only from 2007 when the suit was originally filed. Obviously, there are a lot more details to the case than are presented below but it gives a good overview of the case, I think.

If anyone has further news or insights please feel free to share!

Read more...Collapse )

Still Life with Fanfiction

If you could have posters made of our boys from any scene in a fan fiction story, which scenes would you choose?

For Illya I'd love a poster of him from this scene in Lee the T's "With Kings"

He stepped out of the shadowed corridor and onto the broad balcony shaded by tall potted palms and striped cotton awnings, cooled by the stream that ran across it in waterfalls and tiny clear rivers. The artificial oasis echoed the oasis around the palace, a white stone sanctuary surrounded by sand baked by the merciless desert sun... His partner had succumbed to native dress, billowing pants and tunic of white cotton with a dark sash.

For Napoleon it has to be this scene from Elise Madrid's "The Out of Africa Affair"

He thought the other man's eyes were closed but it was hard to tell because what his hat didn't hide his hair did, plastered as it was onto his forehead in sweaty, dirty strands.
As he got closer, Illya saw that the man was caked in dust. His legs were thrown out and his pants, stretched tight across his groin, were the color of the earth. The man had pulled his shirt loose and unbuttoned it, so that rivulets of sweat washed streaks of grime down his exposed chest.

For a "partners" poster I'll go with this scene from St. Crispin's "The Gift".
It's a very short story so I'm going to try to put the scene behind a cut so as not to spoil it though I've been having very bad luck with lj cuts.
*crosses fingers*

The poster sceneCollapse )

The other day spikesgirl58 asked what would be the best episode to start a newbie with - what is a good introduction to The Man From U.N.C.L.E. for someone who'd never seen any of the episodes?

That made me curious - what episode would you least want someone to start with? What episode do you watch through your fingers as your hands cover your eyes? When it starts to play it makes you run and hide with your head in the refrigerator. If you discovered that someone had never seen MFU and this was the episode they had playing, you'd grab the DVD out of the player and hide it. Down a deep dark hole...

I have my opinions, but I'd love to hear yours.

Vote Early, Vote Often

In Georgie's entertaining review of The Green Opal Affair she commented on how different Napoleon looks without his usual suit and Brylcreemed hair.

So my question is - how do you like your Napoleon?

Exhibit 1 Brylcreem and suit

Exhibit 2 Messy hair and T-shirt

or something else altogether? Photographic evidence would be appreciated :)

Thoughts about Masculinity and U.N.C.L.E

Just a few thoughts I wanted to toss out there, nods to the cousins that had lj entries to this, but in threads too old to add to.

Illya in many ways is the more traditionally masculine, in that he's more likely to directly blow up the problem. Napoleon is frequently charming the Affairs to their successful conclusions.* However, Napoleon reads as the more masculine because Illya so indiscreetly leaves evidence of his mind lying around, and Illya is shorter and blond. Napoleon has this coy way of bubbleheading manfully and then laserlocking on insightful generalship.

Mr. Waverly often seems like he wants to call him on it, except that it works.** And Mr. Waverly plays a version of the gambit (avuncular, sentimental grandmother...) and he forgives his trespasses in others.

Illya also has a different view of women, that's part decorum (slapping Napoleon to turn while the girl of the week removes her stockings), part distrust (Angelique) and unabashed in not cutting them any slack.

Of course, the bit with Illya at the home of the woman approached by the Nazi art ring plays rather contrary to fanon. It just shows initiative on her part, since she happens to have an agent on her couch, she might as well enjoy her superior stereo. One could imagine some highbrow chatting setting it up.

I wonder how much the fond Illya crushes were the result of him being a different sort of presentation, and yet manly and geeky?

*However, there is an ep where it's Napoleon up on the tower planting the bomb. Either Illya was better to cover him than the other way around, or was it which stuntman they could get?
**Of course, when it blows up, like with the humidor caper, Mr. Waverly gets to further train Mr. Solo.

So... do you like music?

I don't know if this is a weird question or what, but okay. So I was browsing for new music today and figuratively stumbled over the song "Illya Kuryakin Looked At Me" by Cleaners From Venus. (Listen for free on

So I got all excited about this, then started wondering whether there were any other songs out there that name-dropped the show. And I feel sort of bad for Napoleon, because I don't have any song for him aside from the one from the musical my class did in the sixth grade and that's actually about the Louisiana Purchase ("Oh my name's Napoleon Bonaparte / and have I got a deal for you! / I'm in danger of being blown apart / so I make this appeal to you.").

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew of any similar songs? Or could rec some music for spies on a more general level?

[ETA: Besides "Secret Agent Man."]


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