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Just A Reminder for the December Picfic Tuesday Challenge

Originally posted by mrua7 at Just A Reminder for the December Picfic Tuesday Challenge
December PicFic Challenge notice:

I’ll be posting three photo prompts for each of the three weeks before Christmas starting December 3rd.

The challenge this time is to link each of your Picfics so they, in essence, create a three chapter story, sort of making it a WIP.  The connection that ties each chapter together can be a simple sentence, reference or you can make it complicated, it’s your choice, depending upon where your elfin-muse takes you.

This time there will be themes for each prompt....Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future. The stories in response to the weekly prompts have all been wonderfully divergent, and well written.

We figured we’d finish off the 2012 Picfc Challenge with something a little different as there will be no Picfic posted on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve, Those are the times we should be spending with friends and family and not in front of a computer...

Hope you decide to join in on the last Picfic for 2012!

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