spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote in network_command,

Posting for Lisa Madden - Kuryakin Files

Hi all,

Just letting you know I am slowly converting all the issues of Kuryakin Files (MFU gen) fanzine to pdf format. There are 36 total issues — longest running fanzine as far as I know — and issues 12 thru 36 are now available as pdf documents. Just converted issues 12-17. Hopefully the rest in the next few months!!

This makes them quite inexpensive, which is the whole reason! Each issue is only $5.00. Considering some of the issues are close to 300 pages, this is definitely a better deal than print!

If interested, please contact me off the list with any questions.

BTW, will be at MWC next week and WILL have a few print copies of the later zines, and a few CD’s with 12 issues available for purchase.

Thanks for keeping the dream alive all these years!!

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