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Do Something For David Project

Dust Off and Polish Your Best Stories and Artwork!

How would you like to have David read and enjoy your works?

Spikesgirl put up a post, “With a tip of the hat to a fellow fan,” in the Canteen on July 12.

Here’s the link-

We discussed things we could do for David before he’s gone. Fans paid for Leo G’s gravestone and a park bench for Robert. It seems a shame to contribute to a memorial rather than showing our actors how much they mean to us while they’re still alive and kicking.

Several good ideas were tossed around: A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, contributions to one of his charities, a fan-based acting award in the form of a trophy. David is adamant about not wanting a star but prefers that those funds be contributed to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation instead.

One idea that really caught my eye was made by Threecee.

“I was thinking of what we do best around here (no, not drink wine and adopt cats): writing. Maybe gathering a few of the best fanfics from MfU, Sapphire & Steel, Invisible Man, & NCIS, and having them made into a print copy. A quick search online suggests that the cost of a single copy of a hardcover print book may be as low as $300. It would be a lot of work, but we have people who were involved in fanzines back in the day. We could also make a donation to one of David's favorite charities, but the book would be a tribute to some of his best roles and a nod to his own writing… My idea is to show him how the characters he created still affect the lives of so many of us.”

So how do you feel about it, fellow fans? Threecee has graciously volunteered her help to make this dream come true. Together, we have been doing the research and a book is doable. “BookBaby” is a company willing to produce one hardcover copy of a book. The inclusion of artwork along with the short stories is too costly. Artwork could be included in a portfolio to be presented along with the book.

The thought is to set up a Go Fund Me account and ask for donations. The money would go for the book with the remainder of funds going to one of David’s charities. Note- there is a Go Fund Me account already set up for David by another fan, Katherine Childress Domorod, who is not part of our project or community.

Stories and artwork from of David’s TV and Movie work would be needed along with volunteers to help with proofreading, set-up and finalizing the book and artwork.

We’d also like to include stories from writers no longer active in the writing communities, with their permission, of course. Our non-writers could make recommendations about those stories and art as well.

What say you, cousins? Are you up for this? Please leave your opinions in Del Floria’s-https://-

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