Greetings! From the middle of 2016 to the end was nota goodtime for me. I went back to take care of my mom, who is 95, and had fallen and suffered a stroke. I had to listen out for her when she wanted to get around her apartment because she could no longer walk like she used to and it was frustrating to her. I was under a lot of pressure, and depression, because every time my cousins and I suggested something that would help her, she became very stubborn and argumentive.

I stayed until August. Doing that time I tried to keep myself occupied with writing; but, with the situation, I finally lost interest. When I got back to California I worried about a lot; plus, since my roommates and I are leasing the house - five rooms two bathrooms - we had to get it ready for inspection by the landlord.

2017 didn't start off too well, either. My roommates and I had health issues - for which I ended up in the hospital several times. Plus my T-Mobile phone died and I lost all my data.

The recent loss of Robert Vaughn, and other media icons, didn't help much, either.

Anyway, now that things are better - mom is living in New Jersey with my sister and is doing well as can be expected - and I have a better laptop, I am getting back into my writing. I have several 'follow up stories that I have finished; and, to contact the authors so each can look what I wrote over. If I get permission to post them I will do so.

Oh, and I am in Tuskegee, Alabama helping my Aunt take care of my Uncle.

So, thank you for reading my ramblings. Live Long and Prosper
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Added to my Website: THE VIEW ON THE OTHER SIDE

Originally posted by carabele at Added to my Website: THE VIEW ON THE OTHER SIDE
I've added to my website my QUOTEME 2016: Challenge 4 story from 10/7/16.

WORD COUNT: approx 1650 words
SUMMARY: Memories from the past, even painful ones, can so often provide insight into the present... and the future.
TIMELINE: Winter 1974


Time of year of an episode?

Hi, does anyone know if season 1's The Odd Man Affair mentions a time of year when it takes place? I keep thinking that somewhere in the episode it specified June (or possibly April), but I'm not sure. It would be more helpful to me fic-wise if it took place near autumn (or if I can say it did), but I can work with June if need be.
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Posting for Lisa Madden - Kuryakin Files

Hi all,

Just letting you know I am slowly converting all the issues of Kuryakin Files (MFU gen) fanzine to pdf format. There are 36 total issues — longest running fanzine as far as I know — and issues 12 thru 36 are now available as pdf documents. Just converted issues 12-17. Hopefully the rest in the next few months!!

This makes them quite inexpensive, which is the whole reason! Each issue is only $5.00. Considering some of the issues are close to 300 pages, this is definitely a better deal than print!

If interested, please contact me off the list with any questions.

BTW, will be at MWC next week and WILL have a few print copies of the later zines, and a few CD’s with 12 issues available for purchase.

Thanks for keeping the dream alive all these years!!