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network_command's Journal

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Network Command
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The Man from UNCLE
Welcome to network_command, the one stop UNCLE shop for all your fic and fannish needs.

Fannish activity is all about dialogue - between ourselves, with canon, with fanfic and with other fanworks, and we encourage all forms of fannish activity, including fic, meta discussions, loud squeeing, commenting, feedbacking, vidding, captioning, icon-making, photomanipping, academic analysis and pure silliness. Plus any other creative fan activity you can think of. Please remember, though, that not everybody has exactly the same taste, and be tolerant if other people's preferences differ from yours. I hardly need say that flaming is not acceptable. After all, if a Soviet Russian and an American could get along in the 1960s, so can we.

We welcome stories and artwork of all types, in all genres and of all ratings, and we particularly encourage experimental work. However, we recognise that readers often have certain preferences, so please state clearly in your header whether your story or artwork contains a pairing (or pairings); and if it is sexually explicit, please say so, so that the easily squicked (like moi) don't have a heart attack! Anything of an adult nature, be it fic or artwork, should be posted behind an lj-cut. In addition, if your story or artwork contains elements that might be upsetting for some readers, please warn for this. After all, where would writers and artists be without readers and viewers? It's only fair to take their feelings into consideration.

Your header should look something like this:

Pairing (if any): (IK/NS, NS/Angelique, IK/M, NS/gorilla etc...)
Warnings (if any): (Explicit sex, brutal violence, torture, main character death, kittens and puppies, etc...)
Feedback: ("Pull no punches" or "Please, be gentle", etc...)
Archive: (Yes/No)

Posts over 500 words in length should go behind an lj-cut, please, to save scrolling.

Any conversation about the show The Man from UNCLE, fic based upon the show, things related to the show, and anything about the lives and work of the actors who appeared on it, will be deemed on-topic. If a conversation goes off-topic, please continue it via e-mail or messaging.

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The community banner was designed by quoshara in the 2011 Redesign Network Command Challenge. She had several close competitors. You are welcome to snag any of them for your personal use, but do please drop the creator a note of thanks if you do.

The runner-up by georgiesmith

by quoshara

by kitty4940

by kitty4940

by kitty4940

More excellent banners submitted for the challenge can be found under the "banners" tag.

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